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Sven Stühmeier, Group Leader Digital Brand Communication and Technology VODAFONE

Sven Stühmeier, Group Leader Digital Brand Communication & Technology at Vodafone Germany, leads the digital brand communication as well as the setup and expansion of the digital infrastructure. He holds a diploma in business administration and a bachelor in sport economics. In 2010 he started his career on agency side at Wavemaker. In the following years he worked for various clients in the strategy and brand engagement department in Düsseldorf and London, before he take over responsibility as Account Director for clients like Vodafone, Screwfix, Weight Watchers and Michelin. End of the year 2015 he joins Vodafone as Senior Marketing Manager Brand & Strategy where he was responsible for offline and online communication of Vodafone’s second brand otelo. Later in 2016 he was selected to execute the Digital-Media-Inhousing fort he Vodafone Brand Department. In connection with this, he build up and established a new group for digital brand communication & technology in the Vodafone organization, which he is leading since then.

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