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André Baden-Semper, Co-Founder & CEO Nexx360

Graduated from two specialized MBAs in Technology and International Business, André Baden-Semper has been developing internationally very innovative companies for the past 20 years. He is currently the CEO and co-founder of Nexx360, a server-side programmatic solution in the digital advertising industry. He is also the director of Galaxie Media, a business alliance that brings together quite a few French media specialized in high-tech. His experience in various types of companies (SS2I, AdTechs, publishing houses, etc.), the diversity of international roles he has had, coupled with a keen technological curiosity, allow him to have a unique vision of programmatic. He is now making his expertise available to all by developing and providing a complete solution that addresses current and future challenges: revenue, performance, sustainability, sovereignty, agility, and mastery of value chains.

André Baden-Semper war bereits Referent auf dem folgenden ADZINE-Event: Adtrader Conference

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