Privacy and Efficacy – a Case for Returning to One-to-Many Targeting

The industry as a whole is still animated by the paradigm of one-to-one marketing. But is this model really more effective? Moreover, how accurate are claims that these solutions are more privacy friendly? There’s evidence to suggest that, contrary to the assumption that hyper-targeting is the route to success, the technique can inhibit brand success, and that some leading post-cookie solutions are less secure than they may seem.

Digiseg has produced this Deep Dive in partnership with ExchangeWire. Digiseg maps digital advertising to household characteristics. Digiseg's cookie and tracking free technology can be used across all devices, media types and operating systems to target advertising and measure audiences for both campaigns and websites.

In this Deep Dive, we will make the case for why one-to-many is the only truly privacy- centric form of targeting, and why advertisers should reconsider the view that it is less effective than deterministic solutions.

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