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Sean O’Connor, EMEA Marketing Director, Bing Ads

Sean O’Connor is driven by turning ideas into something real. He is a builder who is also fascinated by the future and positively optimistic that the best is yet to come. Through his 15 years of experience in Media, Advertising and Sales Leadership he has taken on big challenges and actively sought out opportunities to lead change. A native of Butte, Montana, USA, his appetite for change led him to his current post as an expat in Dublin, Ireland serving as a EMEA Marketing Director for Bing Ads at Microsoft.

A marketer at heart, he has a diverse experience in leadership, people management, business management, business development, strategic initiatives, search advertising, media relations, promotions, analytics, public speaking, storytelling, and publishing. He has consulted with companies of all shapes and sizes, from Small Businesses to Enterprise in both North America and Europe and his direct experience spans travel, hospitality, technology, food and beverage and advertising industries. He has 3 children and lives in Dalkey, County Dublin, with his wife Elizabeth.

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