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Paul Bojarski, CEO SCEENIC

Paul is truly an international citizen and media innovator. Born in Poland, raised in London, ran MTV Digital Ad Sales in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2009-2013) and ran businesses in Israel, Chile, Puerto Rico and Germany. In 1998 he founded Skipworth, the first digital record label, at age 17 and was a catalyst for the music streaming industry. In 2013 he co-founded SayYeah, the first premium live streaming co-viewing platform for Millennials in LATAM and is currently the CEO of Sceenic.

BT Sport, WeLoveGaming and others use Sceenic's "Watch Together" SaaS APIs and SDKs solution, to power their co-viewing experiences, in their OTT apps. Sceenic provides highly scalable, reliable cloud based Video Chat APIs and SDKs to media companies to launch interactive viewing experiences.

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