Interview Jeff Hirsch, CEO AudienceScience @dmexco 2010

AudienceScience, one of the real big international targeting provider, expands its business to the European mainland by buying the German targeting specialist wunderloop a few months ago. At the most important Online Marketing exhibition in Europe, the dmexco 2010 in Cologne, Jeff Hirsch, CEO of AudienceScience, announced to bury the name wunderloop. (which hurt some folks in Germany because wunderloop is/was a company with an excellent reputation for innovative products like wunderloop connect). For your backround: in the moment the German targeting company, which belongs to the Deutsche Post, dominates the German targeting market with its Predictive Targeting System and the "Open Targeting Platform". This platform provides Branding Display Advertising across the "borders" of the sales-houses. This is very important for realizing a brought reach to the consumers which advertisers need if they want to use Behavioral Targeting successfully. With the continental market entry of AudienceScience, insiders exspect an interesting and dynamic competition between and AudienceScience. AdzineTV is happy to had Mr. Hirsch in front of the cam.